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They initially played at the University of Detroit stadium, but now fans can watch the Detroit Lion's games at Ford Field. The team has fielded some of the best in the game such as Charlie Sanders, Dexter Bussy, Billy Sims and many others, some of whom have reached Hall of Fame status. The current heroes to take the field each fall can be seen by fans of all ages and cheer them on as they attempt to ascend to the NFL championship. This $500 million stadium became the home of the Lions in 2002 and is located in the downtown area. Detroit Lions tickets are sometimes difficult to get a hole of through the box office directly; many times the best place to find tickets is through a private ticket agency like our service. Take a look at the seating listed on our site and please call us if you have any questions. The Lions held the crown of the NFL during the 1950's when they took in a total of three league championships and added four division titles. They continued to seek entry into the playoffs and had such top honors as the National Football League's top-rated offense in 1995, having player Barry Sanders received a coveted third rushing title in 1996 and many other wonderful successes that have thrilled fans throughout their history. One particular favorite is when the Lions defeated the Dallas Cowboys with a score of 38-6 in the team's first playoff battle at the Silverdome. The team continues to show its mettle in battle as it takes on teams throughout the National Football League.

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