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When you take a look back over the history of this team one of the most undoubtedly exciting moments involves a man named Joe Namath and Superbowl III. It was January 12, 1969 and the two teams playing that day were the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts. In Miami's Orange Bowl the outcome of this Superbowl game was thought to be known before the ball was even kicked off. Although most football fans at the time had written off the Jets as the next team to fall victim to Baltimore's 13-1 record year. Joe Namath the starting quarterback for the Jets that year felt otherwise. Just barely out of college, the 25 year old Namath was going to face a more experienced quarterback from Baltimore named Earl Morral. This didn't seem to bother Namath at all because just three days before the historical game Joe Namath stood up and announced that the Jets would win the Superbowl, he would guarantee it! Now, not many professional athletes are willing to make such a bold statement but Joe Namath was well-known for his boldness and flamboyancy. So when the two teams took the field on that January day the fans sat down to watch if this young quarterback could cash the check he wrote just three days earlier. The game turned out to be a runaway for the New York Jets. In the first quarter the Jets scored first with a 4 yard TD run from Matt Snell. With Baltimore only scoring one touchdown that came late in the fourth quarter. The final score was 16-7 in favor of the underdog Jets. This game not only helped to prove that the AFL was indeed a competitor for the NFL but it gave the Jets their own special place in Superbowl history. Fans for the Jets no longer see games in Shea Stadium as they did back in the 1960's. Now they buy Giant Stadium tickets but no matter where the New York Jets call home they can be assured the fans will stand in line for Jets tickets and those cold New York football Sundays.

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