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Jiri Kylian is an astounding icon of choreography. Crystal Pite is, in a sense, a child of Kylian. If the master helped define contemporary dance by welding substance to movement, Pite has carried the mantle of deep thought into her own works. Both Kylian's Kaguyahime: The Moon Princess, and Pite's The Tempest Replica are inspired by literary works. Kaguyahime is the oldest written narrative in Japanese culture. The Tempest is one of Shakespeare's masterpieces. Neither choreographer takes the superficial approach and simply retells the story. Rather, Kylian and Pite both use the narrative to explore existential themes. With Kylian, it is the negative impact of beauty and purity on the human race, while Pite explores the nature of betrayal and forgiveness. These performances of Kaguyahime: The Moon Princess are the North American premiere of Kylian's first full-length ballet. Kylian's gorgeous choreography for the Moon Princess embraces Japanese kabuki elements such as flexed feet and knees, measured slowness, and detailed hand gestures. She also poses on one leg for endless periods of time. Kaguyahime is truly the island of tranquility. Her quartet with the Mikado, her attendants, and a swath of shiny gold cloth in which she is wrapped and unwrapped, is a moment of startling beauty. In The Tempest Replica, Pite has isolated eight characters from the play. She begins with the spirit Ariel being ordered to cause the shipwreck that brings Prospero's enemies to his enchanted island. For half of The Tempest Replica, six of the dancers look like mummies, covered head to toe in grey costumes and facemasks. Prospero is in normal clothes, and we see how he physically manipulates the others. They are robots, spurred on by his touch. Kylian and Pite are amazing choreographers whom you have to see perform in person! Their ballet is a breath taking experience for the whole family, get your tickets today!

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