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The band, Def Leppard, is an English rock band that began their long relationship as a group in 1977. In the 1980's the albums, Pyromania and Hysteria, topped the charts and made the band a household name on everyone's lips, it then went on to sell nearly 35 million albums just in the US and another 55 million plus albums all over the world. Initially the band was started with Rick Savage on bass, Pete Willis on guitar and Tony Kenning on drums. They all met at Tapton School in Sheffield, but the band was named Atomic Mass at that time. A short time later, Joe Elliott tried out for the band to play guitar but the band felt it would make more sense to make him the lead singer with his magnificent voice. It turned out that the new lead singer wasn't keen on the name of the band and suggested it be changed to what we know the band as now, Def Leppard. Kenning left the band shortly after they group started and was replaced by Frank Noon till a full-time replacement was found. In the next few months the band found Rick Allen, and asked him to join them as their new drummer. In 1979 the band had turned more towards the music of hard rock and heavy metal style and their fans loved it. Phil Collen, replaced Pete Willis in July of 1982 due to Pete's constant battle with alcohol. This change took place during the making of the band's Pyromania album. Def Leppard is now in the process of touring 41 US cities along with Toronto and Ontario, Canada. The summer of 2009 the band was with Poison and Cheap Trick as well as Whitesnake, Journey and Bryan Adams. At an amazing even in June 2009 Def Leppard performed at the Download Festival 2009 with Whitesnake and ZZ Top. The band was thrilled to be in Donington Park for 2009's Download Festival since they considered this park to be a great place for them in the past. The crowd topped over 80,000 in attendance at this event.

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