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The band London was formed in 1981, but changed shortly after the formation of all the band members was changed to Motley Crue. The band has had some success in their eight albums they have released since the band started performing. The band was started by Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee and was joined by Micky Mars shortly after. Vince Neil took some coaxing to join the band as their lead singer but after the band he was involved in at the time decided to go their separate ways, Neil decided to accept. The band would appeal to both the heavy metal and hard rock fans still today. In 1981 the band's first release was a single by the name of, "Stick to Your Guns, Toast of the Town'. This single was from their "Too Fat for Love" album and would only sell about 20,000. The band was surprised about how poorly the album sold and vowed to make a better selling album the second time around. In 1983 there was a slight change in manager duties with Coffman leaving and Doug Thaler and Doc McGhee coming on board. Doc McGhee was best known for helping Bon Jovi reach the success they had achieved in a short time. After a few years of slumping sales, in 1989, the band released their fifth album for which the "Dr. Feelgood" song was formed and topped the charts at number one and stay on the charts for an amazing 109 weeks. The band was now at the point of their careers they wanted to be with a number one hit and a best selling album. Motley Crue tickets were hard to get your hands on after the release of this album due to the much deserved success. In 2009 the Motley Crue tour will continue with the Saints Of Los Angeles Tour, Saints of Los Angeles European Tour and Crue Fest 2. Tickets to Motley Crue in concert will be a hot item to have with the continued success of the band. Motley Crue has sold over 80 million albums worldwide and an amazing 23.5 million of those were in the US.

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