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Kevin S — Dec 20 2017 — AL — UNITED STATES"Easy and quick! Nice prices compared to other sites."

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Laura Garneau — Oct 27 2015 — MI — UNITED STATES"Easy to compare seats. Easy to order."

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A fans description of a Monday night game: The cheering crowd, the smell of dogs and beer, along with my dad cursing and cheering Phil Sims in the same breath means that I could only be one place on earth, at one of the many New York Giants games at Giants Stadium. We stood in line for what seemed hours to get New York Giants tickets, and then fought the already drunk crowds to get to our seats and watch Lawrence Taylor eat Redskin and Eagle running backs. Bill Parcell was a god to hard working fathers for his no nonsense approach to the game and the iron fisted way in which he coached. Herm, as in Edwards, is still a four letter word in our house for obvious reasons. My dad didn't come out of his room the whole day that Sunday. It was the first and last time I saw him cry. I'm not old enough to remember the Giants of Frank Gifford but I hear all the stories and know that Chuck Bednerick might as well be Osama Bin Laden if he ever came to our neighborhood. He ended Frank Giffords career and put an end to an era of Giant domination. Chuck Bednarik still enjoys talking about the hit he put on Frank and it makes me sick to this day. The only reason he is famous is because of Frank. I suspect if Frank and Chuck met in the open field old Chuck wouldn't have much of a chance against Frank so he had to resort to a cheap shot. Eli Manning has once again put the Giants back on the football map and back atop the NFC East. Hopefully the will stay there for years to come and show everyone that they have and deserve the greatest fans in pro sports. For the money, one of the most worthwhile investments a sports-fan of any age can make is a pair of Giants Stadium tickets to see the greatest franchise in pro sports history, the New York football Giants. So go make some memories and don't forget the beer and dogs!

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