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There was disco, embraced by its dance aficionados, and soon-to-be classic rock, with its pro-rock, anti-disco camp. Then along came punk rock and its many offshoots.Bands like The Ramones and The Sex Pistols showed the world that creative guitar rock was still alive and well. Although U2 was clearly inspired by The Ramones' simple sounds and Patti Smith's sophisticated poetry, this group was still something entirely different. For one thing, The Edge didn't sound like any other guitarist that came before him. Instead of recycling blues riffs, as guitarists had done for decades prior, The Edge primarily used his playing to add color to the music. He didn't try to show off fiery fretwork when he took a solo, either. Rather, he used echoes and loops to create whatever mood the song called for. Then there was Bono. Bono had the rare quality of being a great singer, which just so happened to be in a rock band. There was a beauty in his voice, unlike many other gruff vocalists before him.Over the years, he also developed into a smart and witty lyricist. If you buy U2 tickets for the current U2 tour on our site, you'll be able to experience a little rock history firsthand. Yet U2 is not a group that easily rests on its laurels. The act just released No Line on the Horizon, which is yet another fine album in the group's significant repertoire. But whether you're interested in U2 for historical purposes, or new to the band with its latest release, you will not be disappointed by attending a U2 concert.

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