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The fact that Gilbert Arenas is coming back healthy in my view is good enough of a reason to buy Washington Wizards tickets through our site. He is a dynamic and proven scorer out of the University of Arizona. Sam Cassell was hired as an assistant coach with the Washington Wizards so he and Arenas will have fun talking smack to one another during practice this season. Cassell should also be able to help with the development of Javaris Crittenton, who is a point guard out of Georgia Tech who happens to have a load of potential. The forward combination that the Wizards can throw at you is amazing. With Caron, Butler, Antwan, Jamison and now Mike Miller on the roster the only question is whether the coaching staff can get enough shot opportunities for all these guys. That may be up to point guards like Mike James in order to make the ball is distributed on an even basis. Questions regarding injuries always pop up about guys like Brendan Haywood, but if he can stay healthy he can be a real commanding force in the paint. The addition of Fabricio Oberto off the bench will add a real energy player and a spark to come into games when they needed it. They wanted to get that kind of support from big man Etan Thomas over recent years, but Etan was injured most of the time. Andray Blatche continues to grow as a player on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. Many of the questions with Blatche in the past have been whether he will be aggressive enough throughout the game and also be able to keep his emotions in check. If he is able to do that it will be an ultimate positive for the Wizards and their Washington D.C. fans. Any sort of quick and consistent offense that they can get from a capable guy like DeShawn Stevenson is another possible plus to look forward to for Wizards fans.

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